Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bean Boy

Fast forward about 16 years and imagine this conversation:

Mom! Why did you dress me in such a silly hat?

Because we can, son. Because we can.

Happy Mother's Day!


BurdockBoy said...

Cute photos. Hey I love the hat. I bet you got it at the Green Mercantile.

Hope your parenting experience is going well.

cheesefairy said...

oh how lovely. I adore the hat.

You can tell I'm not a 16 year old boy :)

Ellen said...

Oh My! What a joy! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog, Gina! Congratulations to all of you! I look forward to reading more as your new adventure continues to unfold. Good luck and God bless and try to squeeze in some naps! Ellen

Anonymous said...

Whatta boy! He is quite the little bean sprout!!! You have had a bountiful harvest!!! With all of your love and attention, he will grow into a strapping 16 year old in no time!!! All the best in your latest" green adventure"! Grampa and Grama

Anonymous said...

lol! More like, "Mom, why did you make me where that funny hat, take a picture, and post it on the internet?"

cyndy said...

Very cute! Just adorable!

He will pay you back when he is 16 and wears his hair and clothes in ways that you will think are silly, because HE can.
(ask me how I know....)

gtr said...

Thanks, all! Yes, indeed, Burdockboy, the hat and veggies are from the Green Merc. We had a gift certificate from our wedding 4years ago that finally got used.

Actually, the idea of a 16 yr old takes my breath away if I think about it too much. Crazy hairstyles, eek!

Maggie said...

Are you kidding me that outfit is perfect. I go away for a few weeks and look at your post. Fabulous and congrats. He is a perfect.