Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4 weeks

Has it been 4 weeks, already? Wow, time flies when you're eating and sleeping and being adorable.

Looking more like Daddy all the time!

Even just today, I am starting to feel more "awake" to this new little being. We walked to the mailbox alone together today, Bean all "slung" up in a big cloth wrap. And I got out the great used jogging stroller to evaluate how soon we can use it. We'll start very slow, but it will be great to be out. The weather has been wonderful, and I will endeavor to appreciate it as more than just "great diaper drying weather". Laundry IS a big part of our days, but still...


Deb said...

He does look a lot like his daddy!

When I first started using a jogging stroller with my oldest (soon to be 11...sigh!) I would put him, strapped into his car seat, in it. Or was that the bike trailer? Yeah...never mind.

Do you have a toddler backpack for the next stage? I have one, a Kelty, I would be willing to give away just for the privilege of meeting up some time. :)

carrster said...

What great pics!

Deb - we do the car seat in the bike trailer too! Works fantastic!

Joggers are wonderful....we are waiting for the peanut to get a bit bigger before we use the backpack...but time FLIES so I'm sure that'll be any day now.