Monday, May 19, 2008

Doing Enough

We are emerging from our cocoon just a bit, but I have to remind myself to take it easy. I know that nurturing this new little being is a "project" more worthy than any other, but the part of me that was used to go-go-going while pregnant and working and going to meetings and... is still here a bit. I feel like I should be "using" this maternity leave somehow more, learning bird calls in the yard, or something. Maybe I will, but it's also just time to relax and learn this new role of mom. Things are going well, so far.

One of the things we HAVE started doing is cloth diapers. I actually enjoy doing laundry, but am not supposed to lift full laundry baskets right now (darn incision; grrr). I overdid it the other day, but goshdarnit, the Bean has clean diapers. I think it will work fine; we just need to buy a few more to allow some mega-wash days instead of many smaller wash days. We have no dryer; that makes me a bit nervous for winter days to come. But so far, we've had so much sun, and it's amazing how much more sun we have access to when not working in town all week!

The sun has also been great for walks and for good spring progress; WF is gardening already, but I'm not quite into that yet. Perhaps some spring/garden posts soon!

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cyndy said...

Hooray for you! So glad to hear you are doing the cloth diapers! Nothing like a good piece of flannel! Bean is a lucky boy!

(be careful and don't do toooo much)