Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sacred Cedars

Thanks for the good wishes and thoughts after my last angsty posts. We're OK.

Today, in honor of the Bean having been with us for 9 whole months (!) already, we made a visit to The Cedars. The secret sacred swamp within an easy snowshoe from our place. We make at least an annual pilgrimage, noted here and here. It really does help me remember that we live in an amazing place, if I can forget the inconvenience of the commute, etc.

He enjoyed the trip, even the bushwhacking that led to a shirt (and diaper, somehow!) full of woody bits. I felt quite a bit more energetic than the last time I was there, 8 months pregnant or so.

It was good to share this special place with Bean, part of his real name namesake. May we all live long and strong like these trees!

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BurdockBoy said...

That's great you took Bean to such a special spot for your family. I look forward to the day we take Kalea back to Wisconsin and visit the sugar bush and cedar grove where we spent so much time when she was still in the belly.