Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eat and Grow

Bean update: Much momma-milk has been consumed, food is being accepted a bit more, and growth continues to be FAST! The somewhat late 9 month check-up today showed that he's staying consistent with the 95% percentile, all the way. The doctor joked about giving me an IV to maintain hydration after all this nursing (haha, doctor humor-?). But it does still astound me; I have been eating for two for a long time! Past "reserves" are leaving my hips and going into him, which is kind of nice, I'll admit.

A round of drinks (in sippy cups) for everyone! And maybe some mashed beans and carrot cubes. Mmm!

Pictures are a bit sparse lately as I can't find my "good" camera battery charger: ug. And work is ramping up even more, so we might be scarce on the blog. Hoping for a breather in later March, maybe.

This ought to be cute enough to hold you for a while...

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