Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Fun

While I'm on a roll here, I'll post another catch-up entry (who knows when I'll get back to the computer when everyone else is sleeping?!)

We went to the Carlon County Fair, and Bean met some goats and "Baaaaas". For some reason, his first recognizable animal sound (when looking at books, etc) is Baaaa. We were slightly traumatized by a really LOUD BAAA, but later were OK with visiting the real sheep. Bean was very quiet when we visited the cows, but later pronounced MOO while looking at a picture of a cow. Genius!

Other recent fun includes visiting the cabin and using the special Bean-sized beach made by Grandpa, riding on the pontoon boat (even though the life jacket was objectionable) and picking raspberries. Yep, we're puttin' him to work picking his favorite fruit; he's got a good eye! We've also recently been out in a kayak for Bean's first very quick ride.. maybe more pics soon!

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