Wednesday, August 26, 2009


A random list, bubbling over from my brain today:

Thinking big at work: just wrote $275,000 worth of grant pre-proposals. I’m oddly good at writing general grant “government-ese”. Must have been my early years working for the Feds. Now hoping that some of these projects come to pass, even perhaps offering new opportunities to people looking for part-time work (who might that be, hmmm?)

I am loving eating lacto-fermented sauerkraut lately; even Bean likes it. It’s sour, but not very, and it’s helping to replenish the lost good bacteria in our guts. Now I’m inspiring to try to make my own. Ingredients: cabbage and salt. The helpful critters appear on their own!

My Lyme rash is dwindling and feeling much better…. Still a bit swollen and itchy, but hoping that means that the good white blood cells are doing their work against the evil spirochetes.

I’ve been so tired lately, so I haven’t been exercising, but then I get more tired, so I don’t exercise… a vicious circle. But my need for a belt is decreasing (ahem!), and that may finally motivate me out the door. We don’t have a scale, so I judge thing on how my pants fit. The pants say: get moving!

Bean has been getting more words all the time lately; one of this favorite right now is “Hop hop!” We get this from seeing real rabbits in our yard, looking at pictures, or playing with his stuffed bunny. Also at a few random times, like when hearing birds from inside the house. Does he think the hop-hops are chirping? This is such a fun age, where it just seems so astounding that he recognizes pictures and associates things; I think he was even trying to “put on” some shoes pictured in a book; he was at least showing that he knew shoes went on feet. Very fun.

He also had quite a night of using baby sign language the other day; his own versions of more, please, eat… it was very cute! Now if we can only get him to use that more than the standard “uuuurrrggghhhh” grunting request! He’s got body language, why bother with words? I’m hoping the words keep coming….

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