Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walk before you can run

In my combination of busy, tired and now Lymes excitement, I neglected to post about a BIG milestone for our little (big) Bean! For just over 2 weeks now, he's been officially walking!

Just after he turned 15 months, something clicked. Now he walks everywhere, cruising over tall grass, rocks and hills! The first day he figured it out, we were all up till 10:30, watching the gleeful demonstration. I got a few choppy videos, but no official pictures... but it's hard to tell the new motion in a picture, eh? He impressed his daycare provider the next day, weaving through the room around the other kids.

He's quite confident by now, but he did take his time working up to this... like all his earlier milestones. An email I got from Babycenter said 90% of kids walk by 15 months, but I wasn't worried. Apparently I walked at 15 months. He's been walking with help for a long time. He took his first solo steps about a month earlier, but mostly stuck with crawling; a much faster way to get around if you plop down on your diaper-padded backside every few steps. I took short videos of the crawling, because I knew it wouldn't last. So now, he walks. 2 weeks later, we're even quite used to it. He's even started walking and drumming; it's old hat by now!

Welcome to the walking world, Bean. Now that you're upright with the rest of us, you seem so much more grown up. Adulthood, here we come!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the big accomplishment, BEAN! You are such a big guy! What a cutie!!!

Grampa and Grama