Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's back!

A very welcome visitor to the North made a rare appearance today...

No, not the crazy mishapen skiing woman (does not accurately depict actual blogger's shape) but the splendid object that makes this shadow presence possible... The SUN!

Quick! Grab the camera, grab the stale blankets, grab the glum winter attitude and GET OUTSIDE! This blog may make it look like this little frolic corner of the world is filled with this sunny sun, but it had definitely not been the case this year. It's just that the sunny days prompt picture taking, as well as odd lingering, photographing one's own shadow. When I took those last week, I was honestly quite fascinated. Hadn't seen such a thing (a shadow!) in over a month, really. Eeee!

So, we're getting into the time of the year that should be filled with crisp, clear, -20F days. Blue sky and squeaky snow should greet us, but so far it's been a very warm, grey winter. The Lake isn't even a tiny bit frozen, and it frankly seems really wierd and WRONG. I know plenty of people who say, "Heck, if this is global warming, I'll take it! 40 degrees in January is great!" I'll admit it's been a nice year for easing into off-grid (no heat) chicken raising, but it's still just plain wierd. Not sure if all this warm, steamy, not-freezing weather has caused the cloud cover or vice versa, but it still makes me fret.

Warmer weather around here might seem nice, but someday it will likely mean less fresh water, less wetlands, less maple trees, different critters. Some reports predict MN will have Kansas-like weather someday. Eeek. I've LIVED in Kansas, and once was enough, thanks. We can't even console ourselves with the idea of a more productive growing season. Predictions include drought and none of that nice Kansas black dirt to go with the extra degrees.

But what the heck can we do, now? How can we get people to care? Is there anything anyone can do now, anyway?? I try to talk to people, but what a "depressing" topic, ho hum. (The challenge of getting people to talk about real science is a whole differant rant!)

For now, I will vow to savor the days that are a little bit more like "normal" and get myself out into whatever sun there is (even if it means cubicle escape!). Today was great, and those beams prompt me into housecleaning action- airing out the blankets, sweeping FW's chicken-coop tracking (grrrr!) right out the door, opening windows.

I love the sun, but I'd take it even if it was combined with -20 F. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to be!! Let's all hope we are not seeing the dying of our beloved winter... might be an unpleasant surprise.

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Liz said...

Sadly, most people aren't thinking of the ramifications or causes of this crazy weather. Someone once said on my blog how Americans just don't like bad news... they'll do whatever they can to avoid having to look at the truth. Unfortunately, I have to agree.
I think it's interesting we were both in the same frame of mind yesterday. :)