Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Secrets Revealed

Found this yesterday morning beneath Bill's cat bed. Guess the joke's on him- there's medication hidden in that tasty canned food! Aha!

Cat Food Consumption Committee
Pawbook for Members

Chapter 3, Section 7:

1. While waiting through the preparation of tasty canned food, it is advisable to meow frequently, as many times as possible. Loud, earnest tones are best. This will remind the possibly forgetful human that you exist, lest they forget this key fact while in mid-preparation.

Research is ongoing about what the humans might do with said tasty food (eat it themselves? Feed it to the plants?) if they were not reminded to give it to you. Don’t risk it!

2. Remember to request this tasty food frequently with the same loud, emphatic voice. This will ensure an agreeably high quota of cat food consumption. 4:30 am seems to be an especially productive time, possibly due to the human’s perplexing desire for sleep at this hour. Advanced skills such as pawing at hair or making creative noises involving magazines are especially effective at increasing human activity and corresponding opportunities for cat food consumption.

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the crazy sunflower said...

Oh my gosh. One of my cats has been reading that book too. Only mine eat dry food, and this cat waits until I have closed up the food container and have the dish in my hand, prepared to set it on the floor, before she starts meowing. I am easily distracted, but even I generally can't forget what I was doing while in the act of placing the dishes on the floor. So I never knew where this meowing was coming from.