Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pink Sweater

I've been noticing lately that a large proportion of my clothes are dark gray, black, gray, and for a little variety, light gray. While this might be extra-stylish in New York, around here, it make me look… well, perhaps, a bit grim. It has been a dreary winter, after all. My primarily-primary-colors-wearing mother is appalled. But it’s practical! Doesn’t stain! Hides cat hair! Or so I tell any detractors. Besides, it will be a good basic background for any exciting knitting projects I’l someday finish (haha).

So, the other day, I fell to the wiles of the clearance rack. I usually don’t buy new clothes (most often: thrifty shops), but it’s been a long winter and I’ve been thinking about a bit of variety. There it was- a fetching, cheap cherry-pink cardigan sweater! With odd plastic fasteners! I told myself I’d replace the fasteners with something nicer from the local yarn store, and decided to go daring in my clearance pink. I never wear pink, but this one has a certain toned-down hue that makes it bearable. I’m wearing it for the first time today. While tending the fire, I looked down and saw on one cheery pink sleeve…BLACK SOOT! Aha!

My monochrome wardrobe and I are vindicated! (But I'll still sometime be pink at work, in an attempt to cheer up my beige cubicle.) And speaking of pink, FW is trolling the internet beside me right now, looking up salmon recipies. Mmmmm....


Stitchy McYarnpants said...

OK, is this a hoodie from Target? I tried on the same sweater in brown last week. Or at least, a sweater with the same weird fasteners. I debated about it for a while and I just decided that I'd probably never get around to changing those stupid, ugly snap.

Those snaps are the only reason there were so may on the clearance rack because it's actually a cute sweater.

GTR said...

Iee, I am outed as a sometimes-Target-shopper!

Yes, indeed. I removed the top plastic "nipple", and it left a mark. So much for the replacement idea. You were right to avoid the hoody temptation. But I still like to be in shocking pink in February!

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law came up with a wonderful glaze for salmon. Maple syrup, crushed garlic, brown mustard .... hmmmm I'm forgetting an ingredient and Pete isn't home ... soy sauce, lemon and a dash of pepper? I think that's it. Anyway, it's wonderful on salmon and everyone I've served it to loves it.

I found a "vintage GAP" sweater at a consignment shop for $15. She was having a sale, though, so I got it for $12. It's now one of my faves.
Now if only I could knit a sweater for $12!