Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A daily write?

So. It’s November. Should I try to post every day, ala NaBloPoMo? I haven’t signed up, and have noticed that most “homestead” bloggers haven’t either. (Likely because we have too much to do at home already?!?) There’s a different online “clique” that seems to be embracing it. (Isn’t it weird how the circles of “who knows who” overlap and evolve online just like in real life? Sometimes I feel like I’m spying on the “popular kids” by reading their thousand-hits-a-day blogs!) Aha!

But regular writing deadlines ARE a good idea. My first “blogiversary” is coming up this month. Hmmm. Nah….I think I’ll just embrace the idea of writing a bit more, but do it on my own schedule. It’s good motivation, just having the blog. But I don’t want it to overshadow direct emails to friends, other writing projects, etc.

The other day someone said to me: “That was a good story on your blog- you should publish it!” Um….but that’s what this is, right? But I know what she meant. This is a whole ‘nother ball of wax: there’s the possibility for instant feedback, for connection, etc, but this sort of writing can really “hide out”, visible only to the select few who seek it out. I don’t always take it terribly seriously, with minimal editing.

When I used to write for a “real” paper, I knew that 10,000 copies were going out into the wide world each week. I could put physical copies into my clipping file. Occasionally people would comment in person, but if no one did, I didn’t really mind. I was just thrilled to see my name in print for the first time.

Now, in this smaller, yet more personal setting, I find myself craving comments. I’ll admit to being thrilled when something gets a larger response. A weird dichotomy, eh?

Which sort of writing seems more “real” or worthwhile to you??


Anonymous said...

Hmm... Interesting post and gets me to pondering...

Personally, I like best the interaction and connection blogging provides with like-minded folks and the posts with comments aren't so much the lonely days... For me, it's the hi-tech modern approach to having old-fashioned pen pals. No one seems to write much off-line these days. It's a changed and rapidly changing world, how do we with simplier values fit in?

Otherwise, and selfishly, it is a way to stay focussed and grounded on those simple daily matters unique to us. Amazing how much a pull there is to do otherwise; one always feels torn away! Like they ought to be doing greater things. (Yes, I'm a bit flighty.)

It's a way to spit out thoughts otherwise cluttering up the mind without overwhelming those in my email address book. And provides a near daily exercise of the brain cells. A small chance to be creative.

I don't edit myself much either, and often my blog is mind sphew, and perhaps I don't take it seriously as I should!

I am surprised when the number of visitors go over 90. It freaks me out a little since only a few comment, but still I keep my blog public. A bit like keeping me honest, I guess.

Well, bottom line, I'm happy that you blog. And if I didn't blog, I wouldn't have found yours!

(This is Wildside here as Anon. [I was having trouble posting this comment otherwise...])

Anonymous said...

Writing daily just for the sake of doing it doesn't appeal to me. I don't need deadlines or motivation. Writing just happens for me when I've got something to express.

I find that blogging is a nice midpoint between the implied authority "published" writing and the transient interactions of a conversation with friends. People generally spend a little time organizing and trying to express their thoughts (moreso than in conversation), but you still get some interaction.

I've been happy to find like minded people through my blog, since I can't them in my community.

I also find myself strangely motivated by my blog - an effect I hadn't expected. I'm motivated to try more things, to do more research, and to think more.

As far as editing my own writing, I do a surprising amount of re-reading and touching up, even in comments.

Ok, I'm done rambling now...