Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What, posting?

It’s dark. It’s cold and drizzley. I want to eat chocolate. I want to sew hats, but I have no time to sew hats. Plus the sewing machine takes electricity, which is in very short supply these dark, foggy days. We just ate the last fresh garden tomato, harvested on this day. Waaaaaa....

OK, OK. I had planned to post more this month, but I’m afraid so far it would all come out whiney like that. It’s NOVEMBER, people. It’s that time of adjustment to the fact that we drive to work in the dark and get home in the dark. I was shocked by the darkness at 5:10 tonight when I left the office: solstice (and lengthening days) can’t come soon enough!

I was very heartened to hear the final election results, though: whoohoo! Mostly good! A cheery spot in this month. So, OK, let’s see. What did I used to write about here? Oh, yeah… Chickens!

The chickens have been literally cooped up (awww…) for a few days now to keep them out of the rain and to save our guilt for leaving their door open in the dark before we get home and perhaps let in predators (oh, the weight of responsibility!). The young ones are mixed into the coop community for the first time (it was getting too cold to house them in the tractor anymore). 2 roosters of varying age are still getting along, knock on woodshavings!

WF has been on regular chicken duty, as he usually is, and reports no injuries or major altercations. The young ones HAVE been pushed to the side of the coop with only box edges to perch on most nights. WF goes in and moves them to the perches, turning around the older chickens so they can’t peck at the younger ones. Gotta love a drowsy chicken: so pliant and docile! Only occasional vicious pecks to the newcomers! Also gotta love a hubby who does all that for the young chickens. Perhaps they are pampered poultry, but gosh darn it, they’re healthy. Maybe they’ll give eggs again, someday, right? Darn molting.

I better go forage for some protein, missing the egg protein as I am. I wonder about chocolate as a source...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, November is just about the bottom of the barrel in my book, just edging out January. And I can't believe we've got a month and a half of darker days to go. (And I don't even have electricity to worry about!) The only thing keeping me going is some incredibly mild weather.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, November... My life right now is worrying about chickens. If not one thing, I'll find something else! Think I'll do a head count tomorrow; they had shifted positions away from the door and so the roosting coop seemed a little emptier when I locked up last eve. Couldn't see in the dark, was feeling around.

The election results make me smile.
Must admit I had lost faith and wasn't expecting much.

And as for chocolate, I'm craving it too. Isn't it now suppose to be good for you?!

(Wildside here as anon)

Deb said...

Well, we have in common the (usual) Oberstar victory over the Forces of Evil (I'm sorry, never found anything to like about Rod Grams!)

And our governor's least it was close enough to send a message...I did my part!

Otherwise, it is November. Darkess fell over all. I can't imagine relying on solar in Minnesota this time of year. Oh the guily pleasures of being on grid. But I did my time, two years on a generator, wow...did I really do that?

clairesgarden said...

there is a cure for wanting chocolate. . . .Hagen-Das strawberry and champagne ice-cream. . . .
or be very bad and have both, washed down with the beverage of your choice.