Monday, November 13, 2006

Winter, Hats, One Year!

Tada! The winter wonderland arrived this morning; here’s a view of the chicken coop before work today. Unhappy chicken can be glimpsed through the window.

I am also happy to report that after 3 years together, I have finally managed to provide WF with a real, live HAT THAT FITS! I’ve nearly given up knitting hats (can never get the size right, grrrr) with my glacial pace, and so have been yearning to find a bit of time with the sewing machine. Finally, this weekend, success! I am very proud. I am really a neophyte seamstress, so this is a nice, simple, attainable finished object. Mine feels very comfy, too- it’s always hard to find hats that fit. Helps with the cold house issue, too!

Just in time for winter’s arrival, and to wear in celebration of the one year anniversary of this blog. Hello and best wishes from us to you! Thanks for reading!


Liz said...

It's so nice to see the fronts of you! Great (coordinated) hats! :)
Happy blog anniversary, too.

Deb said...

Happy blogoversary!

And now I'll know what you two look like if I run into you in Duluth! Especially if you're wearing the hats.

GTR said...

Yeah, I've been shy. I liked to think the "turned back" image on the profile was mysterious, but I suppose it could be interpreted as rude. Not my intention at all! I just wanted to keep the blog somewhat separate from "regular" life- ie not googleable by employeer, etc. But images are not googleable, so here we are!

Anonymous said...

And there you are, yes! Looking happy and hip in stylishly warm hats! Good job and happy blogoversary as deb said!

(Wildside here as Anon -- keep having problems with that! Sorry...)

Now, back to dishes. Ho hum.

Cyndy said...

Happy 1st blogiversary! Wonderful hats! You look great together!