Friday, November 10, 2006

Wattle Wind

Don’t you just hate it when the wind is so strong it blows your wattles sideways?

They didn’t stay out very long after the picture was taken; it was a brave attempt, anyway. That’s the senior rooster, the one who is still living despite all respiratory odds. He’s still molting, so his tail feathers are not nearly as impressive as they should be.

Hmmm, Buff Orpingtons don’t really stand out for stunning photographs in this blah dead-grass season, do they? Ah, well, the green grass (that just sets off their feathers so nicely!) will come again someday... Even snow might be nice for the scenic view. Soon!


Anonymous said...

Great photo!

I worry about my girls being cold, but then I think of yours! Hardy souls.

cyndy said...

Somehow, when I see a roo without his tailfeathers, I think of Samson without his hair....