Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beautiful Birthday

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday adventure than today. Amazing weather, kayaking buddies and one of my favorite places on earth.

Raspberry Island, Lake Superior; a fine place to celebrate turning 35! Thanks, Susan and Ray! (And Corny, the kayaking dog!)


Deb said...

A belated happy 35th to you! Sounds like you knew just the way to spend it. The Hermit bought a kayak for duck hunting, and now that I've tried it on the pond I want one for exploring the lakes and rivers around here!

aleximac said...

Happy birthday Gina! You young'un you. Looks like you had a beautiful sunny day.

maggie said...

That looks like fabulous fun.

gtr said...

Thanks, all!!

It was an amazing day, and came after 2 days of rain. I've had that kayak (purchased used) for years, but it's only been out of the garage a couple times in the past years. I really need to get out more. They are a great way to get on one's own, but on Lake Superior, it's best to take friends. WF doesn't like kayaking, so I need to search out some more kayaking buddies. Deb?

carrster said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Nice to "meet" you too. Wow - we had very similar birthday celebrations this year, didn't we?

Hopefully someday we'll add kayaks to our collection - then I'd love to go kayaking on the big lake!