Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh, Deer.

This is a picture of our front door, taken a couple weeks ago when the cucumber vines were "small." We do not plant many ornamentals around here; it's usually pretty utilitarian, but beautiful nonetheless.

So, what does such a door say to you? Welcome? Gardeners live here?

Apparently, to the neighborhood deer, it says something entirely different:

The cucumber vine, which has gotten much loving attention and was producing many cucumbers, is now about half the size it was this morning. It's too dark (and disheartening) to take a picture now. Suffice it to say, cucumbers are missing.

I do beseech the damn deer: WHY eat prickly cucumber vines and tomato greenery (green tomatos included?) WHY graze so close to our house when there's tons of other green stuff to eat out there? WHY?

The deer have no comment thus far.

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cyndy said...

Very funny sign!

One year (before the 8ft fence we now have) I was about to pick tomatoes for canning. I realized that I was out of canning lids, so a quick trip to town was in order.
When I came home, the tomatoes were gone, and all that remained were the hoof prints.

It was a funny feeling. On the one hand I was glad that I didn't have to do all the canning work, on the other...all the planting, weeding, growing etc...just for the dumb deer...grrrrr.....