Monday, August 06, 2007


We're finally reaching the time for harvest of actual PRODUCE around here. We've had wonderful greens for months now. I haven't purchased lettuce or kale since May, all praise the absent groundsquirrels!

I really love growing greens, because the whole darn plant is edible; no wasted effort on inedible stalks, etc. Sometimes tomatoes and other plants seems like such a waste of good biomass! But I must admit that picking the first ripe tomatoes or zucchini has the thrill of an actual, hardwon product; it's SOMETHING. We've been gathering a few peas, small tomatoes and even cucumbers from a climbing plant that wants to take over our entire doorstep. It's great!

And so, the other day, I realized that even if I'm not participating in the One Local Summer project (just no time to plan and document my less-than-inspiring local meals), I DO have something local to show. May I present to you: TWO LOCAL SALADS!

Tada! A selection of fresh greens, veggies and even eggs, all collected that very day on our own property. Yes, the harvest is sweet! More to come...


BurdockBoy said...


Glad to hear more than just greens are starting to roll in.

Hey great salads from the garden are the best. You definitely got us beat-we don't even have a lawn where we moved to. But by next year, you just wait.....

Tomatoes and such are just starting to roll in here as well (the growing season here is very similar to back there) except here the winters aren't as cold so cherry trees and peach trees thrive.

How has the weather been back there? Still having a drought?

gtr said...

Hey, Burdockboy! Welcome "back"!

Glad to hear you're settling in with your big changes. Moving is tough on the gardening instinct! But mmm... cherries and peaches?!? That would be great.

We've been getting little bits of rain, but it IS really dry. And of course, Lake Superior is at record lows; perhaps both because of less rain and increased temps. It's scarey!

But really, the air temps have not been as hot this year as last year, thankfully.

Keep in touch!

maggie said...

Fabulous. The colors are really amazing. Our little city plot is tomatoes only this year.