Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thrifty Bloggers!

Ohmygoodness! A celebrity blogger sighting! In a thrift store, rather far from home. What are the odds of that!? It was Deb from Sand Creek Almanac! She's already written it up here (she's usually a bit more speedy on posts than me) and now I feel all celebrity-like, too! Hehe...

I suppose the thrift store part doesn't surprise me; many of us in this little homestead/nature midwest blog world love a good thrift store. Deb found a great aquarium for the kids. I made some good scores: a few books and a cast iron corncake pan. At least one booklet will be making a blog appearance later!

I do love a good thrift store. That might surprise my mother, who had to drag me to such shops years ago as a mortified teenager. Really, Mother! How embarrassing! Now, most of my clothes are from thrift stores (or at least from a big clearance sale at a "regular" store). More variety and less environmental impact that way!

But this blogger meeting location WAS quite random, as Deb explained. Just completely right timing and unusual circumstances. I am NEVER in that town on a weekday, but happened to driving home from a very rare meeting in the Twin Cities. I throught about visiting the museum briefly (remember, history nerd) as a little "lunch" break, but felt pulled to the thrift store instead. I've been there a few times while driving through town and found some nice things.

After driving by the museum, I thought to myself: I'll check the thrift store first. Maybe something exciting will happen there, and I don't want to use up all my limited time at the museum. Well, intuition turned out to be right. This fellow shopper looked so "familiar" (from the new pictures, I guess) that I couldn't resist asking if she was Deb!

Great to meet you Deb, and I hope we can catch up sometime later when we both have more time. I had to hit the road and get back to work. And so it goes...


Deb said...

Gina- running into you there just made my day! I just can't believe the coincidental timing of our visits...I mean, I'm NEVER at that store at 2:30 in the afternoon! It just was meant to be, I guess. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime!

BurdockBoy said...

Ha what a funny encounter. I wonder if we were ever at the Duluth coop at the same time. I made it up there quite a bit.

Anyhow there seems to be a bunch of bloggers out this way so who knows.

Michelle Gartner said...

Very cool blog you have here and enjoyed the link to Sand Creek Almanac as well. -Michelle I can be found here Smart not Cheap and here
One of a Kind Wisconsin.