Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Posture: Pregnant

Happy New Year to all! I like the look and sound of 2008; a nice, even, round number with lots of curves and roundness. A good year in which to be born, don’t you think?

Losing weight (at least not for a while) is NOT a new year’s resolution for me this year. I KNOW I will gain weight and that is a good thing. I have almost hit a point on the sliding weight scale when one needs to use a different weight, and that feels rather significant. Along with the fact that my circumference is exceeding 3 feet, I am feeling a little bit BIG. WF just made reference to swallowing a balloon. But I have been told by a couple people that I don’t look pregnant anywhere else, which is thus far true and I am glad. I believe I have good birthing genes; my grandmother had 9 kids with very little fuss, and all of her kids have had healthy kids. A good heritage to help me along this process…

I AM feeling a little scatter-brained lately, with 35 “to do” items buzzing around in my brain at any given time, yet not many of them coming OUT of the brain and actually getting completed. But we spent a bit of New Year’s Day at the home of an old college friend of mine. She has 2 kids and there were at least 16 other kids there (with parents). Makes me remember that there are plenty of other people who do this with grace; we will enter into their midst soon enough. It can be done!

I am currently obsessing about “optimal fetal positioning,” considering my posture and how that might affect the baby’s position later in pregnancy. Apparently proper positioning (an anterior lie versus a posterior one) can lead to a quicker and easier birth. I’m all for that; we are seriously considering all natural and even homebirth options. Decisions to be made, projects to be completed, issues to keep in mind. It’s amazing to consider all the things to keep in mind while pregnant; I had no idea that couches and car bucket seats (and the relaxed way we sit upon them) could be considered a factor in increasing C-section rates. Crazy, eh?

So, with that brain-buzzing detail, I’m headed off to bed, where I will consider my posture and position accordingly. Peace!

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