Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brrrr Beautiful

I have some blog catching up to do. But first, I am proud to show that I was finally successful in photographing my car’s thermometer! Wheee! (And excited that the car started; we kept it in the garage, which helped).

This was yesterday. Today, not NEARLY so cold; only about -11 F. Heat wave.

But, at -20 F, Lake Superior show off a very cool phenomenon; sea smoke! It is simple steam, rising from the “warm cup of tea” that is the surface water. Never mind that the water is likely right at 32 or 33 degrees; it’s still warm enough to steam given the air temps. I don’t know more than that; I’m sure the humidity, etc has something to do with it. But it’s quite amazing to behold, especially with the sun rising up through the bank of “smoke.”

I even put a snippet up on Youtube; it was quite windy, with -40 or so windchills. They did cancel school, but WF and I both had to work.

The beauty of the morning (we took these quickly on the way to work) got me through my whine-worthy day. -20F, 6 months pregnant and suffering from another (this time BAD) cold; Urgh. But I got through the meeting-filled day and hope to be fighting off these germs soon. I am grateful to be where I am, especially in light of some sad baby news for a relative. Keep us all in your warm thoughts!

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