Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Still here and kicking

Sorry, just haven’t been feeling very bloggy lately. We’re still here, baby is kicking (or poking or stretching or…?) and I have caught my first cold in a long time. Urgh. Trying to take care without doing most of my usual non-pregnant cold routine (goldenseal, zinc, etc are all no-nos right now). Have been enjoying some fresh, potent ginger tea and dried kelp. I’m not sure if the kelp is really helping the cold, but I’ve been craving it. Mmmm, salt. And iron and iodine and other good things; it’s a healthy (if non-local) craving at least.

We are also headed off soon for our yearly NE trek, which always involves much prep for housesitters and chicken-sitters and even solar system-sitters (the batteries can’t go for more than a couple days without a charge, so if it’s not sunny while we’re gone, stuff must be done). Blah. But it will be fun to get in a little adventure before I am bigger!

House projects are somewhat stalled while we gallivant around. Flooring still seems great; there’s just must to do with putting things back and waiting for other small jobs to be done first (painting, etc). I am somewhat fixated on finding baby furniture right now, but it’s hard to balance Freecycle and Craig’s List and Ebay and random email offers from friends while trying to travel and stay focused at work and home. I really wish it was garage sale season; the only bad thing about the timing of this baby adventure! That and ice, I suppose. I slipped and fell on my (new, well padded) backside last weekend; no harm done, but still a bit scary. Ah, winter. One of these days I’ll post some pictures of our shrinking snowpack and the chickens who brave the elements.

Be well!

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