Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pilgrimage complete!

We arrived safely in Concord and had a very pleasant visit. Our stay was a bit more steeped in luxury than Henry David would have approved of, but we did manage to walk (on busy roads) to visit the historic site. I was actually impressed at the locale, not nearly as trampled as I'd expected. And apparently literary tourism does not inspire the sale of plastic crap from China; no cabin replicas to be seen- even postcards were hard to find. We did visit a nice small bookshop, but Mr. Thoreau was impressed that I brought by high-school era volume to share a moment with him:

But profound thoughts are not flowing much now, because we're full in the thick of festive niece-visiting. As last year, WF is a GREAT jungle-gym. Plane travel is NOT really the best choice environmentally (we're looking into carbon offsets) but it sure is good to see the girls.

YAY! Uncle WF, play with us! More travel bits to come when we get home...

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pablo said...

I was at Walden maybe 15 years ago, in record-breaking cold. But I couldn't miss the chance to go to the site of the cabin and see Walden Pond. I've read Walden a few times, and it's getting time to read it again.

You might like Quest for Walden by a man named Owings. It is a sort of survey of writers since Thoreau who have tried to live a country life in the same spirit. It's introduced me to a number of writers I've enjoyed.