Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nesting, quietly

I'm still here, still very much "expecting"! It was a busy week; work has not let up and I still seem pushed by some internal energy to GET STUFF DONE at home, so was not resting or relaxing very much. I've gotten a stern talking-to by my midwife and others... my blood pressure was creeping up and my legs are a fright; very swollen.

So. Time to rest. And drink more water, eat more protein, and other good nutritional/herbal things. The last BP check on Friday showed a much better reading. I'm letting go of many things on my list, taking it easy this weekend.

That means testing out the new glider, and finally finishing the VERY FIRST sweater I have ever knit. Schroeder was happy to help anchor me while I sat. I am not a prolific knitter, and thought a baby sweater would be good start. 4 months later, it's finished! And cute... It was a good, simple pattern that made me practice a few things I've never really done; seaming, button holes, more increases and decreases. A good project.

And in a nod to "Grandma's" interest in Beatrix Potter, a Peter Rabbit button...

So, one more thing done before baby... he or she could come at any time. Due date is still a few days away... we'll try to update to keep you posted! Feeling good, trying to fathom this new adventure. Wish us luck!


e4 said...

Good luck! Glad your pressure is down. My wife's struggled with that for both pregnancies. But it sounds like yours is cooperating. And you're just about at the finish line.

We're expecting a post with pictures within one hour of birth! :)

willow said...

What a lovely little jacket, it looks very snug and warm.
Rest and relax now while you have the chance! Good Luck.

cyndy said...

Glad you are behaving yourself and keeping your feet up- knitting is a good (productive) way to work off that internal energy whilst sitting down ;-)

The sweater is lovely--the button the perfect touch!

Does your due date coincide with the full moon by chance?

gtr said...

Thanks, all! Still here, still waiting. Got through a crazy work event today, need more feet up time!

aleximac said...

awesome sweater! I love the blue and "mushroom" :) and the peter rabbit button. Thinking of you! Hang in there!