Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Snow Baby yet

Get it? (S)No(w) baby just yet... Nope. Maybe soon. Hoping soon.

We did get snow, though... maybe baby is waiting for spring, thinking that it's not time quite yet. Actually, the panel picture is from this morning (when the snow reminded me of the icing on cheap storebought oatmeal cookies; remember those?).

The next pic was from this afternoon, which really warmed up with the sun.

The chickens have been enjoying the doorstep garden as a dustbath... not my first choice of location for them to engage in this mite-smothering orgy, but it's the warmest, dryest spot for now, and sometimes I just have to pick my battles.

WF did put up the rhubarb cage, though, to protect the greenest shoots in the yard. Looks like we're maybe a little behind last year in growth? And by May, it was quite springy here... we'll see what this year brings. Or will I be too preoccupied to care about spring milestones? We'll see... let's all think good baby-welcoming thoughts. We'll keep you posted!


Anna said...

I think it would be neat if you had a May Day morning baby :)

BurdockBoy said...

Hello again.

I'm glad my absence didn't result in missing the baby. I hope everything is going well for you.