Saturday, April 12, 2008

House glimpse

Ok, time to get caught up on some house projects updates.

Remember this? And here's what our living room often looked like on a regular basis. Ahem.

It's looking considerably better now. WF and a coworker did the tile flooring, an immense improvement over painted OSB. It doesn't feel too cold; even my mother approved! I think we got the color right. Wish it was a bit darker for solar gain, but the room is so dark already...

I did buy ONE new piece of furniture, a glider, after months of searching thrift shops and missing any deals. But other improvements are just from a slipcover and a better arrangement, plus a little clutter control. It feels like a room I'd want to hang out in, now. Ahhh!

I'm also feeling pretty ready in the baby-room. This room has had a long journey, from crap-catcher to empty shell, to cozy little room with "accidental" but cute matchiness. The only new purchase in this room was a wool rug, which Lutsen is doing her best to make look not-new. All other items came from thrift shops or friends/neighbors, with the exception of the lovely quilt on the changing table. That was made by "Grandma," a new way of describing my own mother that will take some getting used to! We don't plan to use the crib much, at least at first, but it's part of the "scene" for the room, right?

We spent the snow day yesterday setting up the surprisingly complex co-sleeper, which doesn't fit in our room all that well, but might be manageable. We'll see.

I even have pics from the bathroom's transformation from an ill-advised 80's sponge painting experiment to a lovely calming plain blue, but I'll save that for later. This has been a LONG extended period of nesting that included paint and curtains and all sorts of shopping-related things, but the house is feeling much more MINE and comfortable, now. I thank baby-to-be for offering so much good inspiration!


cyndy said...

Well -everything looks great!
(you obviously have good nesting instincts..heh heh...that's a chicken joke)..

aleximac said...

The baby room looks so bright and welcoming! Completely transformed. It feels so good sometimes to move the furniture around, change the covers on things.. really makes it feel new.

I thought of you during that winter storm we just had, and am glad to see that the baby knows when to hang out and relax for a while :)

pablo said...

Bring on the baby!

My little nephew (5 years old) is going to have a sibling that he insisted would be a girl. When he accompanied his mom to the ultrasound, he was told that it was a boy. He asked the technician if she could change it.