Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chick Check

Pssst! Cluck... Mildred! Did you hear the news? Bertha Big Top just hatched out quite a clutch! I heard she sat on 13 eggs, and they all hatched! On Solstice, no less. I think she's a show-off. A good momma, though, I hear...Bawk!

Yes, it's true. WF's mad chicken raising skills have brought forth a new crop for the year... more about that later. It's actually quite hard to get a glimpse of the new chicks, as they hide under the fierce momma hen. Quite a big crop this year, under a veteran hen WF likes to call "Big Top" for her comb. The only broody thus far. Let's hope this batch of 13 yields more hens than our 1 to 7 ratio last year!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I got to hold baby chickens for the first time in my entire life this spring!

Unfortunately, said chick is now in my freezer. My co-worker wouldn't save her for me.