Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 weeks Season

So, today is 6 weeks since Bean joined us on the "outside". And a rather cold outside it is! June 11th, and only approximately 11 degrees above freezing. Brrrr. This is crazy. Rain, dreariness, blah.

But it did provide the perfect weather for wearing a certain small sweater; it would definitely be too small by the next season when it is supposed to be cold!

We're huddled around the fire, drinking tea and staying cozy! Lutsen was even inspired to share Will's warmth; some things are worth staying somewhat close to the baby, in her cat opinion!


pablo said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Deb said...

I echo what Pablo said.

We have baby sweaters knitted by Nina Leopold, daughter of Aldo Leopold. My husband got to know her through work a while back. Although the kids never actually wore them, they are precious.

This weather has been absolutely crazy. Tonight I'm in a tank top and shorts, last night we were cranking up the heater.

aleximac said...

Ditto and ditto. What a healthy, happy, satisfied little bundle you have there. He just looks all full of the good things in life :)