Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Cat

Isn't it odd how human and animal years and ages intersect? 10 years ago yesterday, Lutsen cat was giving birth in this very house. One of the kittens (the runt, actually) turned out to be Schroeder, the "baby cat" who loves to snuggle (but only with people she knows and who are NOT holding the human baby, thankyouverymuch). It's hard to believe these cats are that old, and that they've been in WF's life for that much longer than baby Bean has been. Will likes to remind me that Schroder is NOT a baby, but more in her 50's. Hard to fathom.

Picture does not indicate normal mother-daughter closeness; usually claws are involved if they are that close. Schro is in the front. But that bassinet is SO cozy, you know?

But Happy Belated Birthday, Schroeder! Meow!

And since no post seems to be complete these days without an appearance by Bean, here he is, showing off his first pair of shoes at 7 wks. Sporty!

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