Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Part of our weekend vacation commute:

A scene from a somewhat secluded Boundary Waters lake. We managed to get away for a short trip, thanks to some wonderful neighbors, very patient friends and determined last-minute packing. No, we didn't see smoke and we didn't get burnt up in crazy heat. We were quite far away from the fires, but missed the chance to have our own campfire due to the fire bans.

We were also surprised at the number of other people around- we weren't able to show our trip companions a totally quiet BWCA for their first trip, but still managed to enjoy the quiet scenes.

WF is never far away from birds of a friendly, curious sort, even in the wilderness (Loons are not chickens, but still fun, right?)

The chickens survived our absence with the help of some great neighbors, and are growing incredibly fast. More pictures soon as I find time.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? I'm feeling a bit revved up and stressed about my upcoming weeks already, though. I am headed to Madison next week for a conference- 5 whole days away, on my own. Before and after that, a living history character that I, ah, "assist" has to make some appearances. I'll be bouncing around for a while, but the hotel has wireless internet, and I'll bet telegraph offices can be found in 1912, if the need is urgent. Carry on!

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