Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Fair Wisdom

Near the Rabbit Cages. Words to live by!

Apparently the universal symbol for goats is a fun loving, laundry eating rascal. (Liz, watch out!)

Milk, even though I DO enjoy drinking it on occasion, is a really strange concept. I swear I'm not trying to be obnoxious with this picture. This is the view you are, ah, presented when you visit the dairy barn; pretty typical practice, I think.

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Liz said...

Now thems are some udders! I was looking at a Maine dairy goat breeder's website (shut up!) and there were several pics of each breeding female, with a couple of close ups on the udders.... surprisingly large for such small animals. It is strange to think about, though.

When I taught preschool, one of the kids' favorite books was about this goat who liked to eat vegetables instead of tin cans, garbage and laundry. His parents were so worried about him, they had multiple consultations with the (goat) doctor. I felt it was my duty every time I read it to remind them that goats don't really eat tin cans. Oh the misperceptions that abound!