Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chick Co-parenting

And now solo parenting? Here is Momma hen (formerly known as Blue Saddle) keeping an eye on her charges: all eight of them. Yes, there was a little change while I was gone. The two hens had been co-existing somewhat uneasily in the pen together, each with their own 4 chicks. Apparently, when WF let them out into the fresh green grass for the first time, the other hen (Superhen) decided she’d had ENOUGH and took off toward the other chickens. His attempts to herd her back in with the babies only led to peevish pecking, so he didn’t force the issue.

She is apparently done with parenthood. The chicks still want at least ONE momma, so quickly adapted and are all following around Blue Saddle for now. It gets a little crowded at night, but she’s putting up with all 8 of the teens for now. They are getting good at perching practice and definitely look like little chickens now, not so much like chicks. Looks like there might be 2 roosters in the bunch, not a bad roll of the dice, eh?

WF is working on plans for their new “tractor” so they can enjoy fresher grass soon. Wonder how long the last momma hen will stick it out before she wants to return to her swinging single days, too? Probably only another week or so, and they’ll be on their own!

Cheep! Not yet, Mom! Will you tuck us in? Hey, sis pushed me! *jostle jostle*


Prairie Chick said...

Some moms are just not cut out to be moms! Thanks for your help with my broody hen, I put her in a rabbit cage for about a day and a half and she gave up just like that! She's back to layin eggs and out and about again.

clairesgarden said...

nice cuddle up picture. glad your rooster is better.