Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Birthday Beach!

If you were to look at my Blog profile, you might note a difference: One year older. Gulp! I'm feeling old today, but managed to not act my age yesterday. We had a little beach frolic. I am so blessed to live near this place!

And to be able to continue my "immersion in Lake Superior" birthday tradition!

I swear it wasn't that cold and even pretty good body surfing. Wheeeheeee! There's nothing quite like it, a freshwater ocean. Thanks, beach!


Liz said...

Happy Birthday! You are a whopping five weeks older than me, so no talk about "feeling old"! :)

Prairie Chick said...

Happy Birthday, I am right behind you for that #34.Had lunch at Grandmas yesterday on the deck and watched the waves roll in. Nice to be back in Duluth-can't believe how touristy it has become since I've left. Spent some money at Dewitz Seitz as well, but never thought about jumping in...Maybe in December when I turn...ha!

Endment said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

34? Happy birthday, young lady! :)

My family and I might stop by that beach tomorrow (Labor Day), after some school shopping. Kind of a farewell to summer. I don't think I'll swim though.