Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ominous Omnivore

Nightime Creature:
"Chickens? What would I want with silly old (or young) chickens?
I think I smell sunflower seeds and corn. Much tastier. It’s just inside here somewhere…

Maybe if I can just get rid of this pesky board, I can get some… But what’s this wire stuff? It makes my claws go “pling!” just like on a guitar string. Huh! Maybe I’ll try the other side….

Getting closer, but but still can't reach it...grrr...

Oops, an angry human is running toward me: gotta make tracks!"

Hmmm....Human here: we were lucky again last night. Can you guess our nighttime visitor? We really think he/she was after the chicken food, not the chickens. No chickens spent the night in the tractor, but were in two other places that this visitor didn't touch. Just a little midnight excitement for a Saturday night!


Liz said...

Racoon? And if so the strongest one ever who can shred plywood? Not a bear?

Either way, scary stuff.

Sue said...

Wow, that is some determined bear! Glad it ran off when you gave chase!

Deb said...

I guess the bears are hungry this year, with the drought the berry crop was low. But now that it's bear baiting season (ugh) they might just focus on piles of donuts and candy in the woods.