Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Burlington Bound

Eeek! I am leaving for Vermont very early tomorrow morning, hoping for a good little writing/soul connection retreat. (I know, that may sound cheesy and perhaps flaunting my single, no kids freedom to just GO on my own if I want, at least for a short trip! I feel appropriately sheepish, somehow.) I do hope the relaxing and productive soul-searching starts after I get there, because there's still plenty of stress/distraction here!

Working late, unfavorite work projects going haywire right before I'm to be gone, WF and I grumped at each other because I was late leaving work (we carpool, something that I believe in greatly in theory, but in practice sometimes is a pain in the backside), cats still causing me to fret a bit, and now the place I'm staying (a fairly informal homestay kind of thing) just called looking for me... I got the dates wrong on our informal email reservation thingee. Eeeek, again! I'm still tempted to spend more time on the computer looking up bus schedules and addresses of interesting places, but it's nearly TIME TO GO!

Deep breath. Perhaps some Rescue Remedy (tried it for the first time myself last night: I think it works!) Wishes for better vibes for the rest of this experience... So I guess I should get off the computer and start packing, right? Right.

I'll check back in next week. I have a feeling spring here will take a bit leap ahead while I'm gone: update when I get back! WF will hold down the fort, armed with some exacting Bill-cat care instructions. I'm crazy, but I mean well. Peace and good spring wishes!

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Manerva said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. I live on Rescue Remedy (at times)and although you can't 'feel' it working like drugs would make you feel, you somehow know it did the trick! And in my book that's the ticket.