Thursday, April 26, 2007

In Vermont

I've arrived! WF is back home, holding down the fort, serving a meowing Bill. A quick jaunt to the library after a couple days of intent exploration. Since travel is fairly rare for me these days, I make sure to run around as much as possible when I do get out and about. I love this bus idea: imagine, a polite guy with a really big vehicle pulls up just for me, on time, greets me and provides a nice place to sit down, all for $1.25? I was the only airport bus user, and when I found myself in a suburb near here, no one had ANY idea about the bus schedule (why would they use THAT thing?). I don't use the bus back home because I live too far out, but WF is a devoted user while in town (doing errands while I'm at work). Very nice.

OK, less words, more details: Drank carbonated Maple Sap for my co-op dinner at the City Market. Mmmmm! Actually quite a good marketing idea; much less energy required than boiling down the sap to make syrup. Was tasty.

Got over the Purple Shutter Herbal shop, noted this essential item on the shelf. Ha!
Ooops, library closing. I'm off! Be well, more next week!

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Tina T-P said...

Hi - just letting you know that I finally did my service at my church & quoted you! If you are interested you can read it at:

Glad Bill is doing OK - My oldest kitty is 17 - they do have their issues. T.