Thursday, April 12, 2007

Celebrity Cat

I love this town. Yesterday, I was working/attending an event that includes thousands of people throughout many days.

The local semi-celebrity Weather Man was present, working a booth, and I stopped by to introduce myself and say hello. Recall that I do not own a TV. He and the well-connected WF are acquaintances from years back, but I’ve never met the guy.

In an area where the TV viewing audience is at 100,000 people plus and many other people were waiting for his autograph, what does Mr. Weatherman say to me?

He asked after the health of a certain Bill the Cat. (!!) Apparently Mr. Weatherman had been to our house about 9 years ago and met Bill.

Bill certainly IS a memorable kind of cat. Meow!


Deb said...

He must have been from a different station than the one I watch occasionally--none of their weather guys look old enough to have even had a driver's license nine years ago!

cyndy said...

well, Bill is a handsome cat!