Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring into... Snow!

Ah, spring. It’s the time to watch for returning birds and the first green things. It’s a time of warmer temperatures, of subtle changes. Why, it’s even time to get out the lawn furniture and enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck...

Just remember to wear your parka and snowpants.

Yesiree. That was our deck this evening. The weather is ahead of me this week; here’s a glimpse of the weekend’s ice:

And yet another one of today.

This shouldn’t surprise us TOO much- I can remember making a big snowman on May 10th about 10 years ago, and tucking yellow daffodil into the snowman’s scarf. But when we’re home tonight amidst lots of cancellations, etc again, it’s hard to believe winter’s back quite like THIS! WF reports that he measured 10 inches of snow in the yard; thank goodness for the trusty old ‘91 4WD Toyota station wagon; it helped us "plow" the driveway this evening even though the snow was as deep as the hood in some places.

This is NOT my favorite season in the North; all mud and fickleness. We’re running the generator right now, since the sun hasn’t been out since sometime last week. It’s the time that we get jealous of those further south, and annoyed that the popular media is all about flowers and planting and baby chicks right now. We MIGHT get some more baby chicks this spring, but I hope the hens hold off on the broodiness until we get some REAL spring. WF has gotten around to starting a few seeds indoors for the garden, but my mind hasn’t quite switchedover to the spring/summer mode yet. Maybe I’ll go do some snow shoeing, a fine April activity in Minnesota.


Deb said...

I admit...it's all MY fault! I finally went ahead and washed my car Monday, thinking that the worst of mud season was over. Oh well, time to get the cross country skis out. :)

Tracy said...

And we all wonder why people from other places give us such strange looks when we say we're from Minnesota - and we like it here. The Cities only got a dusting, but that -1 windchill this morning was mighty brisk!

Ranger Bob said...
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Anonymous said...

Current weather up the Gunflint Trail in NE Minn can be found online at: