Monday, June 25, 2007

Crop of Cats

So the gardens are doing OK, but it’s really the crop of cuddly cats around here that’s requesting a bit of attention.

See how this one shows superior flat coverage: perhaps potential for a cover crop?

Hey, they even look good in bouquets!

This is a special variety, requiring custom food and fluids. Doesn’t require fertilizer, though: makes enough of that on his own (applied to awkward places, ahem).

We’ve even started “watering” him in a new way. Yep, we’ve crossed a line and started doing subcutaneous fluids for this old dude. He didn’t seem to mind them at first; we’re struggling a bit right now. I know it seems a bit over the top (needles, etc), but he still seems to be having a good time with life, and I’m not quite ready to let go.

At the risk of looking like a complete crazy cat lady (and just plain old looking silly), I offer this (sideways, sorry) video from last week. Does this look like a cat one should give up on just yet? Didn’t think so…(so there!). We’ll see how this journey goes.


1 comment:

cyndy said...

They are soooo worth it...and your old dude is sooo lucky to have you.
May you have many more happy miles on the journey....