Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Yes, indeed, there is still some life over here!

And some lovely new greens sprouting in the lovely new raised bed WF built from salvaged douglas fir (through a friend's "urban logging" company). We've had a LOT of rain, which is good for the overall drought, but has become a wee bit tedious for outdoor time. This was a brief window this evening; more storms are predicted tomorrow.

But trying to stay postive in the face of some stress. One FUN accomplishment last week was hitting the 200 mile mark in my record of miles run and walked since January 1st! I don't usually have enough online time to check in, but the original idea for tracking and having set 100-mile goals was from Rachel at yarnagogo and runagogo. I actually met a new local running partner through her San Francisco based site... fun.

With that, I need to get to sleep so as to be somewhat awake for the standard early Wednesday morning run tomorrow. Peace!

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