Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goat Show!

(No, not a BOAT show, a GOAT show!)

On the way home from the Energy Fair, we stopped off in Marshfield, WI to see some goats at the goat show! Some relatives of mine are very into raising goats, mostly for show and milk. If we ever decide to get into the goat world, we have a supplier all lined up. They specialize in Nubians, the cute floppy-eared variety.

AF wasn’t quite sure what to think of those critters, but it was a fun stop-over. She eventually warmed up to the goats.

I used to spend summers with these relatives on their “hobby” farm (it sure seemed real to me at the time!). Oh, how I yearned to be a true farm kid; I was always the silly, sentimental suburban kid who didn’t understand the concept of unnamed barn cats, etc. But I tried to toughen up and be cool, even helping to dehorn baby goats; eww.

Today, even though we have chickens and live rurally, I still feel a bit like an interloper in true, rural, animal-raising worlds. But I’ll always be grateful for the time spent as a 4-H kid farmer wannabee; it stuck at least a little! I even have an appreciation of the potential value in a dumpster full of manure... mmm!

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