Friday, June 08, 2007


So, really, we’re tough, realistic homesteaders. We can butcher chickens, trap mice and generally let nature take it’s course. Right? Right.


If you are a cute, abandoned baby squirrel and you try to cling desperately to my pant leg after being discovered by some concerned, clucking chickens, you get a free ride into town to the kind, enthusiastic wildlife rehabilitator.

C’mon, we’re not THAT hard-nosed. And even though I know we’re probably interfering with “nature’s plan,” it felt really good this evening to NOT have to grit my teeth and look the other way. I got to hand off this little being to a competent woman who thanked me profusely and assured me she’d take good care of it (as it tried to nurse on her finger). I know it was a somehat frivolous drive into town, but phooey.

After the week I’ve had, it’s such a relief to have someone say “Thank you, you did the right thing, we’ll take it from here, everything will be fine.” Even if it IS just a cute little red squirrel. Ahh....(plus, there’s got to be some positive karma points in this somewhere, right?)


Deb said...

Good karma points indeed. Thank you for giving a squirrel a chance! :)

Manerva said...

Ahhh, what a baby! You did good.

gtr said...

Thanks! It was so nice to find someone local who was so happy to take it in...