Friday, June 15, 2007

Garden Raid

So, the new little raised bed has been doing nicely. We got these perfect little radishes and bits of cress the other day (WF said: They look like they should be in a catalog!") and some of the lettuces heads are/were (like that foreshadowing, there?) really doing well. The peas have their own fence already, and it generally made us feel more caught up and productive in our gardening plans and tasks.

We should not be so hasty. Today, something got in a mowed down a big portion of what's in there! GRRRrrrrr. I got home after dark and haven't gone out to view the damage, but it sounds like the dreaded ground squirrels may be waking up from their long hibernation. Darn those critters! We'll need to fence the garden MORE (It's already got 6 ft deer fencing) because the holes are big enough for nibbling critters to get through.) Not sure if it will happen tomorrow before we head out on a rare road trip, but we'll try.

We're headed to the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair, which has been a fun event in past years that we've attended. Lots of classes, speakers and even good food and music. WF's not inclined toward TOO much recreation, but if it's for a good cause... More when we're back!

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aleximac said...

wow, those are some radishes. They are like the Platonic ideal of radishes.