Monday, July 02, 2007

First peep peek!

There has been a very busy bird around here... "flying" a bit under the blog radar lately. WF has been accomodating her with his good chicken-tending skills and expectations. So today... with careful listening... the first peeps were heard!

And seen! She's sitting on 9 eggs, all of which should be viable. Likely two hatched so far. Just in time for a visit from the Boston-area nieces tomorrow! She's been the only really broody hen so far this year, and likely the only brood we'll get.

Very fun...the circle of life continues...


Tina T-P said...

Oh boy, nothing more fun than baby chicks - hope they are all hatched out and doin' fine by now. Happy 4th! T.

cyndy said...

well! congratulations!!
a broody hen is worth her weight in gold! (but, you know that... I'm sure you are pampering her...right?)