Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gifts from the Ground

We have some early-July abundance here:

The greens bed today. Groundsquirrel attacks have tapered off, at least in this bed. I planted it very densely to see what would grow well there in this first year. The peas WERE happy; they're struggling back after being nibbled. I'm trying to do some "in-place" succesion planting (harvest of early-season greens "releases" other crowded plants that can mature later, ideally). Chard is a clear winner right now. Blushed Butter Cos and Forrellenschluss are the most sucessful lettuces. Thanks to WF for starting some of these heads as plugs indoors a while back.

Irises rising above their chicken-protection fence. This does not protect them from the deer, who have enjoyed some tasty iris entrees lately. But these are hardy irises that keep blooming; bulbs given to me by MIL Donna. Thanks, Donna!

An unexpected gift: wild strawberries! We discovered them in full ripeness yesterday during a hike around the old pasture/field. I've never seen them set fruit like this before; not sure if we were just missing the peak or if this is an especially good year. It's a very ground-based picking experience: you have to sit down and just start looking carefully. I even "met" an anthill a bit more closely than I (or the ants!) would have liked, but it was worth it. I woke up dreaming about this breakfast, and by noon and some careful picking, I had it! Mmmm..... very grateful for such bounty hiding in the wilds of the place!

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