Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun with Keywords

A quick lunch-time post here: it's been a busy week as usual, and the fun visit posts have had to wait. I was away from the house for 16.5 hours on Wednesday: I think that's a record for a regular, mid-week work day. No labor laws broken, just outside commitments and commuting filling the extra time.

And now I'm in town without my camera or memory stick; phooey! Some people apologize for posts with too many picture; I apologize for no pictures! The greens garden really IS quite impressive; we've transitioned into eating BIG salads every day. Yay!

So, with no pictures and short of time, it's time to resort to "Fun with Keywords!" Indeed. I love Statcounter, and today it yielded this list. (Background to those new to this odd world: these are the Google or other searches people entered in the last week that yielded this blog). I thought I'd share the list in it's entirety, since it about summarizes our lives and blog stories lately. It could almost be a poem, or a source of fun band names or something else like that!

My favorites are the last two:

to dehorn
indoor running vine plants
raising roosters
whole sweet
my earlobe turned black
healing torn acl vitamins minerals herbs
rooster dishcloth
pipping for sewing
petrochemical polarfleece
herbal remedy cats roadtrip
dewberries bwca
celebrity cat people
raising a house
hen rooster raising
chicken coop perch poop
how long does it take fertilized eggs to clear the tracks of a chicken

The internet is amazing, eh?


BurdockBoy said...

If I had a band "Chicken Coop Perch Poop" would definitely be my first album title.

gtr said...

Welcome Back!! Hope you're having a good time getting settled into your new home!