Sunday, July 22, 2007

Greens = Gorgeous

I love having a good variety of greens in a garden. I think even the color and texture of humble chard is stunning! I usually just steam it and eat it plain; we’re simple foodies around here. We’re getting a few good kale plants to add to the steamed mix, plus a bit of tatsoi, arugula and some mustard greens. Why is it that hot, spicy things grow best and fastest in my gardens?

The new raised bed garden is doing very well. Remember when I got excited about this? It’s much more impressive now. I am no good at thinning, but I am trying to strike a balance between pinching out leaf lettuce from crowded plants and letting a few make big heads.

I wonder what it is about thinning that bugs me? I think I’m fairly conservative in the garden; ie don’t want to take something before it’s time, don’t want to cut all of a certain plant; want to save some for later. Then it may get eaten by critters or go bitter, but gosh darnit, I still have some left! Maybe it’s a fear of scarcity and pruning back too severely. I dunno... but it probably applies to my house clutter, too. Hmmm. Maybe even my head- too much stuff in here, things I should just let go so there's more room for the good stuff to grow. Ah, lessons from the garden.

(Lutsen considers becoming an herbivore)

But for now, I’m doing my best to keep up with this patch of abundant greens and enjoying the lush salads and nutritious steamed greens. I can FEEL those nutrients working!


cyndy said...

Great Gorgeous Greens!! Yummy!

Manerva said...

Wonderful looking gardenand kitty cat! I always worry that I'll pinch the wrong plant and end up with none.

Deb said...

I have serious issues with thinning too. I was thinning my carrot bed the other day, which is patchy to begin with, and I just about cried every time I pulled up one with a 1/4 inch diameter root. My daughter and I ate those, so they did not totally go to waste.

gtr said...

Cyndy: Yes, indeed! I know some people really dislike chard and kale; I feel sad for them!

Manerva: Thanks... I'm always trying to decide which plants need more space, which ones need to go, etc... takes brain space.

Deb: Glad to know I'm not the only one! I try to eat the thinnings, too. It's so important to give the others space, but so hard to cut them down in their exuberant young lives!