Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We went on a little journey last weekend, an actual overnight adventure that required chicken-sitters (Of course our life revolves around chickens; doesn’t yours?!).

We went to the Woodtick Musical Jamboree! (You know if it’s endorsed by a smiling woodtick, it’s got to be good, eh? I appreciated the anatomical correctness, at least in regards to legs.)

Inside, there were even MORE woodticks! (Think repurposed toilet seat for scale. Again, correct number of legs! It’s always bugged (ha!) me when spider decorations have 6 legs or 10 legs or whatever. They’re arachnids, people. 8 LEGS!)

We were not there to see giant woodtick renderings, however. Nope. We were there to see the miracle reunion performance of a fun Mostly Irish band!

They had a really great, witty banjo player. He also happens to be my Dad. Great job to all, and may you continue to make music for a long time!


Sue said...

Sounds like a fun trip- I love the tick toilet seat!

And actually, my life does seem to revolve around chickens recently. Your chickens, to be exact. Ever since you posted the chicken video with the squawk at the end, my daughter has requested a viewing at least once a day, usually multiple viewings. She had a friend over the other day, and had to share the chicken love with her. I bet you had no idea you were filming the next preschool sensation!

gtr said...

Wow, Sue! I definitely had no idea... It's an honor to have our chickens so well loved so far away!

Deb said...

That's so cool that your dad plays in a band like that! Sounds like my kind of music.