Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Baby belly cat

On one hand, this is good practice. Schroeder loves to ride on my hip, ala toddler. I've taken to doing other things with my free hand while giving in to her, ah, requests. Practice for later baby-carrying!

On the other hand, someone is going to be mighty jealous in a couple months!

Spoiling the "babycat"? Perhaps. But for now, we simply enjoy the arrangement. Purrr...

Schroeder: 9 years
Belly: 28 weeks
GTR: Old enough to be an "Elderly primigravida" (medical speak for old to be having first kid!) Ha. Just feeling old right now because my cold came back, but otherwise feeling spry!


Deb said...

Get a sling for the baby, and you'll still have an arm free for the cat!

Which reminds me...I have a sling I won't be using anymore (well, I hope!) It's an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder in a blue paisley pattern. I'll give it to you if you'd like it. Also I have a Kelty toddler backpack carrier for when he/she's a bit older. Let me know if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Bless your chewbaca cat. Spoiled? ,Maybe. But from the looks of the beast, he will probably be your first born's protector and pal. A belated congratulations to you and WF's first child. I have enjoyed your blog for some time and wish you all only the best.

With Respect,
- Fortyfive
Nordeast Mpls.

gtr said...

Hi, Deb! I've definitely been planning on a sling for the baby, and suspect that Schroeder would love to give me some practice with that, too. But I resist, thinking that would make the jealousy issue worse!

I've been looking at all types and had somewhat settled on a Maya wrap ring sling, but if you're wanting to pass on the blue one, I'd love to have an extra. Thanks!!

I'll email you...

And Fortyfive- Thanks! Never thought of Schroeder as chewbaca, but she does have that look, doesn't she? I'm sure she will love snuggling with baby, just hopefully sans claws and not too close!

maggie said...

That is so funny. I don't believe my cat would ever let me hold him like that. Jimmy my feline was attached to my twins at birth, no jealousy. They dragged that poor thing around by his tail, poked and prodded and not once did the claws come out in defense. Although there were some unerving sounds.

pablo said...

You're looking good. Not eclipsing-the-sun good, but good nonetheless.