Monday, August 04, 2008

A Berry Nice Weekend

Another weekend of firsts (and seconds) for the baby bean! We headed over the Bayfield on Saturday with plans to attend a Chautauqua show, the Wailin' Jennies this time. We try to get there about once a year, even in this year of new baby adventure.

We are lucky in that we had some willing babysitters living nearby, friends from my long-ago Park Service days. So, it was a date for WF and I! I even drank some beer... after feeding and after the Bean was asleep. Bean did OK; apparently had a bit of unhappy time right after we left, but my friend has 3 kids and knew what to do.

The show was fun, and we ran into a few people we knew (a very small world up here, really). We then returned and slept in our tent in their backyard... Bean's first time in a tent! He's such a champion sleeper that he never noticed, I'm sure. Here's a morning picture... looking very well groomed, aren't we? Ug.

Then we ventured out to the local organic berry farm, Blue Vista. Bean snoozed away in his carseat in the rows while we picked and picked. Blueberries and raspberries; such fertile abundance, and we didn't even have to plant them! I love pick-your-own places. It was not Bean's first trip to a berry field, however; we went strawberry picking a couple weeks ago; the snoozing in the seat amidst the rows worked well there, too.

(We forgot our hats, hence the odd headgear. But we remembered baby's hat!)

We're pretty much just eating the berries (ie no jam making), but I'm trying to squeeze a few containers into the freezer among the mommy-milk. Local fruit for at least a little while longer. Mmmmm!


Gina Marie said...


Your son is SO cute! Seriously - is he that cute all the time or just really photogenic? I admire your eco-efforts. Where we live, people recently called me "green" because I suggested we have a bag for recycling cans at a BBQ. Singaporeans aren't quite there yet, in general. They recycle things only when it saves them money.

I'm far from being ready to go off the grid, but I'm looking forward to (hopefully some day) living in a place where it's a little easier to love the earth. It's interesting and fun to see how you're doing it.

gtr said...

Thanks, Gina!! I do edit the photos some; he can really pull off a "bubba" look with a flash; it illuminates all his chins and his crew-cut-like hairdo! But yes, he is stunningly cute, of course!

Off-the-grid can be overrated, but it's fun to feel like our impact is indeed smaller. We don't even get a power bill! We do pay quite alot for propane and gas, however. Blah.

Glad you found the blog!